Makki & Associates is a family run architecture and interior design firm. Originally established as Architecture & Design A&D in 1987, Makki & Associates still challenges itself in providing innovative and creative designs and solutions for our wide range of clients in Lebanon and the Gulf. M&A’s enduring commitment to such timeless designs that dates back to its establishers is what has helped our highly qualified team sustain its standards in an ever growing field

M&A’s reputation and ability to maintain long term relations with our clients, has allowed us to stand out and remain active leaders in our field. Approaching each project through the clients’ eyes, the team meets the clients’ needs and standards for success. In this way M&A delivers the greatest value to its clients and helps fulfill their unique desires and realize their aspirations.
Working with both diverse and highly qualified groups of engineers, allows us to freely cross communicate and draw upon each other’s insight to offer a comprehensive range of in-house services and specialized talents.


With a keen attention to detail and quality standards, M&A provides highly controlled working drawings produced by a collaborative and coordinated team of professionals. Each project is tackled with the client’s vision in mind and open communication between the firm’s clientele and professionals enables M&A to turn ideas into designs that are both original and practical.

“We combine team synergy with client vision to deliver timeless designs that blend in and stand out in everyday life.”

Our yearly participation in world exhibitions and workshops keeps us up-to-date with new conceptual and technical methods, and helps us build cooperative relations with other professions.