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Makki & Associates is a family run architecture and interior design firm. Originally established as Architecture & Design A&D in 1987, Makki & Associates still challenges itself in providing innovative and creative designs and solutions for our wide range of clients in Lebanon, the Gulf and Europe. M&A’s enduring commitment to such timeless designs that dates back to its establishers is what has helped our highly qualified team sustain its standards in an ever growing field.

With a keen attention to detail and quality standards, M&A provides highly controlled working drawings produced by a collaborative and coordinated team of professionals. Each project is tackled with the client’s vision in mind and open communication between the firm’s clientele and professionals enables M&A to turn ideas into designs that are both original and practical. “We combine team synergy with client vision to deliver timeless designs that blend in and stand out in everyday life.” Our yearly participation in world exhibitions and workshops keeps us up-to-date with new conceptual and technical methods, and helps us build cooperative relations with other professions.

IN 2008, MAKKI TOOK LEADERSHIP of his family run and owned architecture & interior design office, founded in 1987 by both his parents, and established it as Makki & Associates where he is currently the CEO and principal architect He is an active member in both the Ordre des Architectes du Quebec - OAQ since 2017 and the Lebanese Order of Engineers & Architects - OEA since 2006. Currently he teaches design studios at the Lebanese International University. Makki is focused on changing the world’s view of architecture and design and highlighting their importance of being used as powerful tools that can solve problems and lead to positive change.


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Our Services

Begins from as early as advising a client about a real-estate decision up to the design conception and all throughout the execution and completion of the project. With a wide range of experience working with different design styles, M&A is suited to cater to the specific needs of a diverse clientele and render the best quality of design and execution results. M&A’s goal is more than just a paper and pen relationship; it is a clear transparent two-way flow of information, ideas and decisions.


Equipped with project management skills and solid experience, M&A’s highly synchronized team of designers and engineers collaborates closely with specialists of all trades (MEP, Structural, Landscaping and other Specialist Consultants) to handle all the facets of any given project, from design and management to execution and maintenance.


Interior Design

M&A’s extensive background in interior design and contracting enables it to carry out each project in full, from the initial client meetings to occupancy. The joint efforts of specialists in programming, space planning, scheduling, budgeting, documentation & specification ultimately lead to a design which reflects our client’s goals and is sensitive to the individual consideration of the project at hand.

Interior Design

Textiles & Furniture

M&A prides itself on its faculty and talent in both furniture selection & production and textile design & execution, an asset which opens up the opportunity to customize projects to the last defining details.

Textiles & Furniture

The Founder

"Ayman Makki received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut in 2006. Since then, Makki has acquired a wide range of experience working on varying types and scales of architectural & interior design projects in different cultural environments from the Middle East to Europe & North America."

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